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  Speedfast Enterprises Limited was established in 1980 introducing lubricants, various industrial lubricating
oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluid, etc. to Hong Kong's die-casting industry, which was newly-developing at that
time. Our aims are to supply the best lubricant so that the productivity of our customers and the quality of their
products made are enhanced, and to promote industrial safety.

  We supply lubricants for various industries. Products include high temperature lubricating oils, vacuum
pump oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluid, mould releasing fluid for ( zinc, aluminium, copper or magnesium alloys )
die-casting, plunger lubricants, liquid paraffin, food grade lubricants, cutting fluid, grinding fluid, lubricating

  We also supply chemicals and spare parts for the die-casting industry. Products include cleaning flux for
( zinc, aluminium or copper alloys ), degassing flux for aluminium or copper alloys, coating paste, spare parts
for hot chamber or cold chamber die casting machines, plunger rings and hot work steel.

  All enquiries are welcome and our products can be supplied to the factories in China.


Attention : In China and Hong Kong, our products are sold to end-users only. We do not sell our products
    to any trading company to distribute our products. To prevent from buying counterfeit goods,
    please buy directly from Speedfast Enterprises Limited.


      Address: 1510, Tower 2, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
        Tel: (852) 2426 8388      Fax: (852) 2419 7272
      WeChat : (+86) 152 1943 3772
       E-mail: info@speedfast.com.hk